Who We Are

At Dock to Dish® we have pioneered unique sustainable seafood programs which operate successfuly from multiple historically significant commercial fishing ports located on the eastern seaboard of the United States, Key West, Florida and Montauk, New York. From these two ports we proudly provide our local communities with direct dock access to fresh, wild, sustainable American seafood that is curated and fully traceable to the source of origin and fisher who harvested the haul. 


Welcome to Dock to Dish® Key West, the original Community Supported Fishery and premier Sustainable Seafood Marketplace in the State of Florida.  The program was established through a collaborative process and was co-founded by native Commercial Fisherman Captain Anthony Osborn and The Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association (FKCFA).  These fishermen allied themselves with a collection of concerned local citizens that were organized by the well-known restaurateur and fresh seafood advocate Chris Holland along with his associate, chef Paul Menta, a leading open-ocean spearfisherman specialized in targeting invasive Lionfish.

Their innovative operation was designed to engineer a fundamental change in the seafood marketplace through a revival of traditional values and principles, while focusing on freshness and transparency under an ecosystem-based management approach to sustainability.  The signature direct-from-the-dock sourcing philosophy encourages consumers to actually get to know their fishermen personally through a unique cooperative membership model that is driven by supply under the very strict guidelines and directives of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

By reversing the historic demand-based market system for seafood, they have developed a solution generating entity which is now being celebrated across an increasingly broad spectrum of verticals for its proliferation of triple-bottom line benefits for fishermen, the local community and especially for our environment.  

“About ninety percent of the seafood consumed by Americans comes from overseas and more than half of it is farmed and processed in facilities that are not inspected by any United States government agency on any kind of consistent or reliable basis,” said Chris Holland about his motivation to help establish the alternative Dock to Dish® sourcing system for his friends, family and neighbors, “Americans need to take a stand now against the large Asian and South American fish farms that are negatively impacting our commercial fishing industry here and poisoning unsuspecting consumers who think that the imported fish they are buying here is safe, inspected, and healthy when it is actually none of these things.”


At Dock to Dish® Montauk, a crew of veteran seafarers founded the original Community Supported Fishery of New York State and the first Restaurant Supported Fishery in North America in 2012, sighting the same scary statistics that Chris Holland describes above as their source of motivation.  Click here to see some members of the Montauk team in action on ABC The Chew, with Chef Mario Batali. 

The program was originally organized by lifelong fisherman and restaurateur Sean Barrett, along with over forty-two participating local commercial fishermen and shellfish harvesters. This alliance of tradesmen and artisans shared over five hundred years of experience on the water and believe the best way to eat seafood is the way it had historically been done—when the “catch of the day” was really caught that day—or as close to that day as possible. It harkens back to the times of colonial concierge fishermen, who brought their haul straight from the docks to the back doors of restaurants, which served the fish that night: an experience Sean had at a coastal village in Spain that has tugged at him for years.

"We can do that here,” he thought. “We can be the salt water brother of Farm to Table.”

And now with the help of trusted neighbors in the fields of health, law and environmental conservation—Dock to Dish® has become uniquely qualified in providing their members with impeccably fresh seafood harvested with the consumer and the planet in mind.

For a brief Huffington Post Food video which colorfully explains the who, what, how and why of Dock to Dish® Montauk as "a full circle of awesome" please click here

Captain Bryan Fromm, a veteran fisherman in the Dock to Dish® alliance, aboard his vessel, the Flying Dutchman.
Photo credit Gordon M. Grant for The New York Times

For an in-depth look at Dock to Dish, we invite you to explore the genesis of our story told on the season premier of PBS Food Forward, an original documentary series which opens the door into a new world of possibility, where pioneers and visionaries are creating viable alternatives to the pressing social and environmental impacts of our industrial food system. Across the country, a vanguard of food rebels are creating inspired, but practical solutions that are nourishing us and the planet.

Click here to see Dock to Dish on episode one: "Go Fish".

Montauk Member Benefits

The benefits of a Montauk Dock to Dish® membership include much more than receiving a weekly share of pristine and expertly handled seafood.

You become an active part of a community that not only values fresh food, but also protecting the environment, eating locally and supporting the local fishing economy. Members are able to enjoy peace of mind in knowing that Dock to Dish® never overfishes or skimps on quality, and always features seafood that is in season and rated abundant and sustainable by NOAA's Fishwatch Program.

As a Montauk member, you will also learn about the cycles of fresh seafood, how to prepare it and how it is caught. You will have the chance to meet your fishermen and learn their practices at weekly pickup. Yearly get-togethers and Member Appreciation Days will allow you to meet other like-minded consumers. Upon signing up, Montauk members will also receive access to recipes from For Cod and Country by Barton Seaver, Director of Healthy and Sustainable Food Programs at Harvard, National Geographic Fellow, acclaimed chef, and author of a cookbook as dedicated to marine sustainability as Dock to Dish®.

Our Goals

  • To provide our members with access to fresh, premium, locally caught and sustainable seafood directly from the dock;
  • To engage our fishermen and community members in a more transparent local food market with a minimized chain of custody;
  • To ensure maximum seafood quality and freshness while maintaining the highest levels of safe handling practices;
  • To support and collaborate with local charitable organizations that are dedicated to actively protecting our environment;
  • To fundamentally change the marketplace in the ports of Montauk and Key West by demonstrating to producers, through consumer demand, the economic and ecological value of traceable, sustainable seafood; 
  • To accept responsibility for the stewardship of our marine ecosystem to ensure that succeeding generations will have an equal or better opportunity to benefit from its resources.