Meet The Fleet

F/V Evening Prayer Capt. Kevin Maguire (Proud owner of Inlet Seafood & Dock to Dish)

F/V Rianda, Capt. Charles Weimar Sr. (Proud owner of Inlet Seafood & Dock to Dish)

F/V Caitlin and Mairead, Capt. Dave Aripotch (Proud owner of Inlet Seafood & Dock to Dish)

F/V Amanda Joy, Capt. Shaun Jones (Proud owner of Inlet Seafood & Dock to Dish)

F/V Tomahawk, Capt. Tyler Maguire (Proud owner of Inlet Seafood & Dock to Dish)

F/V Mildred, Capt. Charlie Weimar Jr. (Proud owner of Inlet Seafood & Dock to Dish)

F/V Scup, Capt. Richard Jones (Proud owner of Inlet Seafood & Dock to Dish)

Captain David Tuma

David Tuma is a mainstay of the Montauk fishing community as an experienced, well-known local and part of the ‘next-generation’ of American fishermen who welcome technological advances into their workplace.

F/V Kimberly

The Kimberly is one of three Tilefish boats based in Montauk that use hook and line exclusively.

Captain Wesley Peterson

Captain Wesley Peterson, pictured here with daughters Ann (in his arms) and June (being a handful) is a life-long local fisherman. After graduating from East Hampton High School in 2003 he earned his undergraduate degree from Johnson & Wales University in 2005. These days you can find him captaining the F/V Two Seasons where he primarily harvests squid and scallops, two of the most resilient and abundant species in the Montauk fishery.

F/V Two Sea Sons

The F/V Two Sea Sons is captained by Danny Lennox and primarily harvests scallops sand dredge and squid using a mid water trawl. Both of these gear types have been modified to avoid bycatch and have minimal to no impact on ocean habitat. Ever vigilant and always meticulous about careful packing of hauls on board the Two Sea Sons, we have found his catch to be some of the best handled seafood in the business.

Captain Bruce Beckwith

Captain Bruce Beckwith has been working with Dock to Dish since day one, and his family has been fishing off of Montauk for generations. “On my mother’s side, we can trace our family roots back to the original nine founding families of East Hampton, I can even tell you the name of the boat they sailed here on over three hundred and fifty years ago, it was named the Plough.”

F/V Alison and Lisa

The F/V Alison and Lisa is primarily captained by Bruce Beckwith and harvests a range of species from fluke to squid.

Captain Charlie Etzel

Captain Charlie Etzel is one of the youngest and most reliable fishermen in the Dock to Dish alliance, who has honed his craft with his father Captain Richard Etzel since a very early age. Over the years Captain Charlie has come to specialize almost exclusively in dayboat Montauk Monkfish.

F/V Damariscotta

Captained by Charlie Etzel, the F/V Damariscotta primarily harvests monkfish, skate, fluke and squid.

Captain Donny Ball

Donny Ball is a mainstay of the Montauk fishing community and can be found on his boat, Kammy B, (named after his wife) fishing with his daughter and first mate Brittney Ball.

F/V Kammy B

Named after his wife, the F/V Kammy B is captained by Don Ball and hauls aboard a wide range of species.

Captain Ron Onorato

Captain Ron Onorato started commercial fishing in the waters of Montauk Point in 1973 as a rod and reel striped bass fisherman. When he’s not out catching diamond quality fish for Dock to Dish, Captain Ron runs a charter fishing business brining out locals and tourists from the east end to try their hand at catching some of the best fish that the waters off of Montauk have to offer. Since starting his charter fishing business, his customers have landed twenty four striped bass over 50 lbs.

F/V Captain Ron

The F/V Captain Ron is captained by Ron Onerato and primarily targets black sea bass, striped bass, Montauk sea bream and bluefish via rod and reel. Captain Ron has developed a reputation for landing stunning specimens that have been preserved perfectly through on-board bleeding and slush brine holding. Rod and reel gear types deserve gold stars for sustainability due to their zero impact on habitat high degree of selectiveness in species targeting.

Captain Bruce Hoek

F/V Even Keel

First came on the scene with Dock to Dish in the 2017 season with a load of beautiful jumbo Montauk Sea Bream.

Captain Chris Scola

Captain Chris is a career Montauk fisherman with one of the coolest beards in town. Unlike many scallopers who prefer to bring a mate to sea with them, Captain Chris prefers working solo and performing the tasks of two by himself. As the name of his vessel accurately indicates, his affinity for loud rock and roll music means his vessel is sometimes heard before it is seen.

F/V Rock and Roll

The Rocknroll is Captained by Chris Scola and primarily harvests atlantic sea scallops.

Captain Terry Wallace

Captain Terry Wallace came on the scene with Dock to Dish in the summer of 2017 with a load of pristine large squid. Captain Wallace is well known for bleeding and icing his fish in onboard cooling vats that contain a mixture of cold ocean water, crushed flake ice and kosher salt. This technique suspends the fish in an icy slurry bath and prevents them from being bounced around and damaged in transport, and it also quickly put his fish into rigor mortis that greatly helps to maintain their pristine condition.

F/V Night Moves

Captain Vinny Geidraitis

Vinny Geidraitis is a veteran of the commercial Montauk fishing fleet and can be found captaining the F/V Leona targeting a range of species as they become accessible through the seasons. Captain Vinny has earned a reputation for his dedication to innovating sustainable gear types (modified gill nets for Monkfish and Skate, traps for whelk, and a variety of fish) and expert handling of his catch, resulting in the pristine quality that is associated with Dock to Dish fish.

F/V Leona

The F/V Leona is primarily captained by Vinny Geidraitis and makes regular appearances with Dock to Dish Montauk. From gillnets set for skate and monkfish in the spring, to traps for whelk, triggerfish and black sea bass in the summer and fall, the F/V Leona implements a variety of gear types targeting a wide range of species through the seasons. Captain Vinny aboard the F/V Leona embody the supply driven mentality held at Dock to Dish through a steady flow of seasonal variety.

Captain John Aldridge

Captain John Aldridge came into fishing in his mid-20s, moving east on Long Island from the suburban sprawl where he grew up. He and longtime friend, now First Mate, Anthony Sosinski purchased the F/V Anna Mary in 2006 which they used to build a thriving business with up to 800 traps in circulation. Captain Aldridge recently wrote a bestselling book, A Speck in the Sea, soon to be major motion picture, detailing his 12 hour fight for survival floating in the Atlantic after falling overboard.

F/V Anna Mary

The Anna Mary is most commonly known for bringing to shore loads of lobster and jonah crab under the expert direction of Captain John Aldrige and First Mate Anthony Sosinski. A mainstay of the Montauk fishing community, the Anna Mary has a storied past, most well known being the boat from which Captain Aldrige fell overboard, beginning a harrowing 12 hours floating at sea before being saved.

Captain Charlie Etzel Sr.

Captain Charlie Etzel Sr. is one of the most consistent fishermen in the Montauk fleet, and has been working on the water for the past 40 years. He is well known for using traditional fishing strategies that have been handed down by previous generations. One such example is his tactic of fishing alongside various shark species, which corral the fish Captain Etzel is fishing for making them easier to catch.

F/V Keeper

The F/V Keeper is primarily captained by Charlie Etzel Sr. and frequently uses rod and reel gear types to bring in a variety of species including striped bass.

Captain Chris Miller

Captain Chris Miller has been on the scene with Dock to Dish since the early days and is one of the premier spear divers in Montauk. Often making appearances late in the summer as more southern species make their way north, Captain Miller is known for landing loads of spear-caught mahimahi and rod-and-reel tuna and triggerfish.

F/V Sea Spirit

The F/V Sea Spirit is Captained by Chris Miller and primarily employs rod and reel and spear gun gear types.

Captain John Nolan

John Nolan Jr. is one of the youngest captains in the Dock to Dish Alliance. From a family who has pioneered the development of nylon hook-and-line fishing, John is often at sea for overnight trips because he knows that the deep-water species he is after typically go on the hunt most aggressively after the sun goes down. Since going on his first overnight trip over twenty years ago at the age of eight, John has been learning his trade from his father, Captain John Nolan Sr.

F/V Seacapture

The Sea Capture is captained by John Nolan and is one of three tilefish boats in Montauk. The trio works hard year round harvesting tilefish quota assigned to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s region, which stretches from New York to North Carolina. These Tilefish boats often go out for five to ten days up to 125 miles offshore, deploying bottom long lines in the densely populated tilefish habitat and have an exceptionally low incidence of bycatch.

Captain Paul Stern

Captain Paul Stern first entered the Dock to Dish scene at the end of the 2017 season. Although he is an expert with a variety of gear types, he caught our attention by being an early adopter of NOAA approved gill nets used to catch large striped bass during the Fall run. These gill nets are deployed for a short time when large quantities of fish are running and are sized to catch only the largest fish while letting smaller fish swim through.

F/V Emma Mary

The F/V Emma Mary is captained by Paul Stern and first entered the Dock to Dish scene at the end of the 2017 season. The Emma Mary employs a variety of gear types but made waves by being an early adopter of NOAA approved gill nets used to catch large striped bass during the Fall run. These gill nets are deployed for a short time when large quantities of fish are running and are sized to catch only the largest fish while letting smaller fish swim through.

Captain Billy "The Kid" Carman

Billy “The Kid” Carman is one of the younger captains in the Montauk fishing fleet and has made a name for himself by bringing in a haul of trap-caught black sea bass late in the season, a surprise treat as they are harder to reach as they move further out to sea with the cooler Fall water temps.

F/V Billy the Kid

The F/V Billy the Kid is captained by the eponymous Billy “The Kid” Carman and is a small, unassuming vessel that employs a variety of gear types but has become known with Dock to Dish for bringing in hauls of pristine, trap-caught black sea bass.

Captain Eben Ball

Captain Eben Ball is a longstanding contributor to the Dock to Dish cooperative. Hailing from the well-known Ball family of fishers from Amagansett, he often fishes with his father or sister — and is always known to have the Ball family fishing dog, Beau, by his side. Captain Eben is also an East Hampton police officer and known for his strict interpretation of local fisheries laws and conservation practices.

F/V Two Dawns

Captain Eben Ball aboard his dayboat F/V Two Dawns with his dog Bo. This duo hauled Black Sea Bass traps for the Dock to Dish cooperative both yesterday and this morning.

Captain PJ Beckwith

PJ Beckwith is known as “Captain Hasselhoff” on the docks and is among the most photographed fishermen in the fleet. Hailing from a very long line of Beckwiths who have fished local waters since the 1600s, PJ and his family are often featured as models in various magazines and advertising campaigns. His techniques for both fishing and for handling fish after they are caught are steeped in age-old traditions which make his hauls among the most sought after by everyone in the surrounding community.

F/V Alison and Lisa

The F/V Alison and Lisa is primarily captained by Bruce Beckwith and harvests a range of species from fluke to squid.

Captain Bryan Fromm

Captain Fromm follows a strict landing regimen to catch bigeye and yellowfin tuna from his vessel, the Flying Dutchman. Capt. Fromm has developed a protocol that keeps his catch in its purest state. He kills and bleeds them while still in the water, which prevents the buildup of lactic acid and the toughening effect that bouncing around live in the bottom of boat can have on the flesh. Once in the boat, the fish remains in the same position while it is field dressed, and a wire is run through its spine to eliminate any further movement. The cavity is scoured with a wire brush and then the carcass is packed in ice and seawater; it will not move again until Dock to Dish picks it up.” This season Capt. Fromm has developed a small team of offshore rod-and-reel fishermen, who have agreed to use his strict techniques work together as part of the Dock to Dish Alliance to supply the cooperative with the freshest, highest-quality and most sustainably harvested tunas available.

F/V Flying Dutchman

Captain Bryan Fromm custom built the Flying Dutchman with the help of his brother. The Dutchman follows a strict landing regimen to catch bigeye and yellowfin tuna. Rising 40 feet off his deck, Fromm’s green stick uses high-test line to catch one fish at a time thus reducing bycatch and making it easier to bring the fish in. At the end of the line is a plastic squid that skims the water to attract the fish.

Captain Mario Gonsalves

Captain Mario is a longtime veteran of the offshore silver hake fishery, and often steams the FV Gabby G out into the deep cold waters beyond George’s Bank where the fishery is rebuilt and robust. His onboard ice making capacity is state of the art and uses ocean water to create pristine and ample supplies of crushed ice which he uses liberally in his brine baths to preserve the delicate silver hake.

F/V Gabby G

Captain Mike Stinchfield

Captain Stinchfield started commercial fishing at the age of 14 working in surfclam boats and has spent his whole life working on the Atlantic Ocean, up and down the Eastern seaboard from Maryland to Maine. After becoming a licensed boat captain many years ago, he went back to school to study marine engineering and is now a licensed engineer. Silver Hake are Captain Stinchfield’s favorite fish to bring home for dinner, where he fillets and sautés larger fish; and butterflies smaller ones to roast whole.

F/V Megan Marie

Captain Chuck Mallinsen

Captain Chuck fishes inshore for Striped Bass using umbrella rigs with eel lures, and works as both a commercial fisherman and a charter boat captain for recreational trips. He is well known for successfully catching bass when other fishermen are having bad luck. During certain times of the year Captain Mallinsen also works as a commercial lobster fisherman, setting and retrieving traps in deeper offshore waters in between his inshore fishing trips.

F/V Joy Sea

Captain Brian Rade

Captain Brian Rade is a family man who comes from a long lineage of artisanal fishermen in Montauk. He is one of the few captains who fish all year long, despite the often harsh coastal conditions of winter and early spring. Captain Rade believes all fish have value and he practices “whole-haul utilization” which means instead of fishing for one popular species exclusively and discarding unwanted fish, he fishes for a spectrum of species and applies light harvest pressure to a broader constellation of local fish populations. As such, his landings typically consist of targeted fish (with high market demand) and non-targeted fish (lesser known, less popular, but very abundant) species, which is the most balanced philosophy and technique for managing ecosystems sustainably.

F/V Jolly Roger

Captain Brian Rade is a family man who comes from a long lineage of artisanal fishermen in Montauk. His boat, the FV Jolly Roger, can often be heard across the harbor playing loud rock and roll music—and his crew is often seen heading straight to The Dock (bar and restaurant) as soon as they return to port.
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