After conducting an extensive pilot program, Dock to Dish Nicaragua was established in January of 2018, and immediately became one of the most unique and dynamic Restaurant Supported Fishery Programs to join our international network. Operated by the Cayuga Collection from the Jicaro Island Ecolodge, Dock to Dish Nicaragua has successfully pioneered the first hybrid cooperative sourcing system to include both freshwater and saltwater fishing communities.

 Don Enrique (above) and his sons, are among the first freshwater fishermen in the Dock to Dish alliance. 

Carbon Footprint

By sourcing exclusively from net-casting fishermen working the deep waters of Lake Nicaragua aboard paddle powered skiffs—as well as open ocean, hand-line panga boat fishermen from the nearby Pacific fishing village of Casares—the Jicaro Island Ecolodge has emerged as a leader in achieving a sustainable seafood program with the lowest “food miles,” and smallest carbon footprint, of any restaurant, resort or hotel in its class.

Fingerprint Fish™

By launching this initiative with a customized Dock to Dish 2.0 technology bundle, provided in partnership with Pelagic Data Systems and FishTrax Marketplace, the Cayuga Collection can now provide guests at Jicaro Island with the most advanced live tracking and traceability capacities for wild seafood that have ever been unveiled anywhere in Central America.

“We are global leaders in the advance of live tracking technologies for wild seafood.”

Dock to Dish: Very Fresh Fish

By sourcing only what is most local and most abundant from surrounding fresh and saltwater ecosystems, an extraordinary level of freshness and quality is being achieved through the Dock to Dish program, as always. Combined with the advanced skills and talents of Jicaro Island’s culinary team, the seafood dishes now being served have quickly become a celebrated highlight of discussion within the sustainable luxury resort community, and among forward-thinking travelers and gourmands everywhere.

The Cayuga Way: Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax

Most importantly, through the Dock to Dish program at Jicaro Island, a restoration and revival of relationships among local Nicaraguan fishing communities and resort chefs, management, and guests is now underway. Local community fishermen, like Don Enrique, are regularly welcomed with their families to have Dock to Dish meals on site with resort staff and guests. Around these dinner tables, tales of both fishing and travel adventures are exchanged over exquisite seafood dishes, often featuring fish that was caught earlier that same day. These powerful cultural connections generate truly unique travel and dining experiences the Cayuga Way, and encourage everyone involved to relax and learn from each other.

Dock to Dish fishermen are often greeted with rounds of applause when they arrive at Jicaro Island and receive handwritten thank you cards, signed by guests and staff, reviving a tradition of gratitude.

About the Cayuga Collection

Dock to Dish is a proud partner of the pioneering Cayuga Collection, world leaders in sustainable hospitality and eco-lodge management, who are breaking new ground in eco-lux travel, and enriching the lives of curious travelers, everywhere. The Cayuga Collection is dedicated to managing and developing small, sustainable luxury hotels, resorts and eco-lodges in Latin America, from their home-base in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since 1999 Cayuga has proudly led eco-lodge and boutique hotel management in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and is in the process of establishing Dock to Dish programs at 8 of their award-winning sustainable hotels & eco-lodges, tucked away in the most incredible corners of the world, all of which are committed to protect and preserve the communities and ecosystems that surround them.

About Jicardo Island Ecolodge

Jicaro Island Ecolodge is Nicaragua’s top nature resort, located on a private island in the Granada Isletas of Lake Nicaragua. One of Nicaragua’s best hotels, the lodge is located just a short boat ride from the colonial town of Granada with spectacular views of the Mombacho Volcano across the lake. Nine private luxury casitas provide the perfect setting for romantic escapes, honeymoons, tours and activities as well as wellness and yoga retreats. Immerse yourself in a magical island experience filled with peace and tranquility.