New York State Department of Agricultural and Markets

Dock to Dish is the first wild fishery operation in history to qualify and participate in the New York State Grown and Certified Program which recognizes authentic operations with the highest commitments to food safety and environmental stewardship. Upon entry in 2019, Elise Gilchrist, Dock to Dish Director of Communications, said, “This important certification for wild seafood is a major step forward for New York State’s fishing communities and enables consumers to identify truly local, traceable and sustainable products that are caught responsibly and in full compliance with the law. We have worked for many years with the Department of Agriculture to highlight the high quality and low carbon footprint of New York’s abundant wild seafood resources, to identify and prevent seafood fraud and mislabeling, and to strengthen the marketplace for New York’s commercial fishers and their families. We are honored to be the first wild seafood operation in the state to participate and be certified, and we are grateful to the Department for their work to bring wild seafood into the NYS Grown & Certified program. This initiative is yet another example of New York State leading the way and setting an example for the rest of the country.”

The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

The Alliance’s mission is to restore and enhance an enduring marine system supporting a healthy diversity and an abundance of marine life and human uses. Dock to Dish proudly serves on the board of NAMA’s Fish Locally Collaborative Assembly, advancing our shared commitment to rebuild a healthy ocean and pay attention to the fishers who are doing it right. Together we cultivate relationships with those who are fishing at an appropriate scale–one that the ecology can handle–using traditional low-impact harvest methods.

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

Dock to Dish is a proud partner of the Mobile Kitchen Classroom (MKC), powered by the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a nonprofit organization on a mission to create a healthy and sustainable food system. MKC is a high school program that empowers the next generation of Food Citizens – individuals that understand that their food choices have a meaningful impact and are empowered to advocate for change. Mobile Kitchen Classroom engages students by making connections between food and issues that they care about – culture, the environment, power. Hands-on cooking lessons connect ingredients to ideas and give students the skills they need to prepare fresh farm-driven food.  Students are transformed from passive consumers to confident and activated Food Citizens.

Cayuga Collection

Dock to Dish is a proud partner of the pioneering Cayuga Collection, world leaders in sustainable hospitality and eco-lodge management, who are breaking new ground in eco-lux travel, and enriching the lives of curious travellers, everywhere. The Cayuga Collection is dedicated to managing and developing small, sustainable luxury hotels, resorts and eco-lodges in Latin America, from their home-base in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since 1999 Cayuga has proudly led eco-lodge and boutique hotel management in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and is in the process of establishing Dock to Dish programs at 8 of their award-winning sustainable hotels & eco-lodges, tucked away in the most incredible corners of the world, all of which are committed to protect and preserve the communities and ecosystems that surround them.

Local Catch

Dock to Dish is a proud partner of Local Catch, a community-of-practice that is made up of fisherman, organizers, researchers, and consumers from across North America that are committed to providing local, healthful, low-impact, and economically sustainable seafood via community supported fisheries (CSFs) and other direct marketing arrangements. We believe this work is critical for supporting healthy fisheries and the communities that depend on them. We seek to increase the visibility and viability of community-based fishermen and aim to provide assistance to individuals and organizations that need support envisioning, designing, and implementing locally-relevant businesses that work towards a triple bottom line.


Dock to Dish founders serve on the executive board of the esteemed where we work to advance 3D ocean farming designed to restore ocean ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and create blue-green jobs for fishermen — while providing healthy, local food for communities. We envision a day when there are thousands of restorative ocean farms on coasts around the world contributing food, fertilizers, energy and much more to local economies, while saving our oceans.

The Marine Resources Advisory Council

Dock to Dish founders currently serve on The Marine Resources Advisory Council which was established by the New York State Legislature to provide advice to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on issues pertaining to New York’s living marine resources and the fisheries these resources sustain. Appointments to the council are made by the DEC Commissioner and member duties include: reviewing DEC allocations and expenditures for the care, management, protection and enlargement of marine resources; issuing reports regarding DEC’s marine resources program to commercial and recreational harvesters and providing recommendations to DEC on any proposed regulations for the management of marine fisheries.

Ocean Collectiv

Dock to Dish proudly serves on the advisory board of the Ocean Collectiv, led by Dr. Ayana Johnson. Our work centers upon advocacy for small-scale, independent fishermen and fishing families; and promoting the proliferation of community supported fishery programs around the world. Collectively, the expertise of the Ocean Collectiv spans science, policy, community engagement, design, film, politics, education, technology, and communications. We assemble ourselves in various permutations to create the ideal teams to generate and amplify solutions for a healthy ocean while strengthening artisanal fisheries.

The Amagansett Food Institute

The Amagansett Food Institute’s mission is to support, promote, and advocate for the farmers, vintners, fishermen, and other local food producers and providers on the eastern end of New York’s Long Island. We work closely with AFI to further our shared vision of a regional revival where all farms, docks and food businesses are thriving and supported by an engaged community whose members understand and value the unique benefits of locally sourced food as being critical components to good health and well-being.

The Montauk Oceans Institute

Dock to Dish is a proud partner of the Montauk Oceans Institute where we serve to educate the public in the areas of marine science, oceanography and physical science, with specific emphasis on the critical role that commercial fishing has played in the history of the Montauk region.

Long Island Commercial Fishing Association

Dock to Dish is a longstanding supporter of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association, where we work to support and protect the small-scale fishing families and communities of New York State.

Amber Waves Farm

A nonprofit farm that passionately believes in connecting eaters, especially children, to their food and the farmers who grow it, Amber Waves looks to build a foundation for lifelong commitment to land stewardship and empowered healthful eating. They have established a Farm to Fork Curriculum in which children learn about nutrition, organic farming, and grain growing. In addition to working with school children, Amber Waves serves the general public through interactive farm tours and opportunities for volunteering. Our friends at Amber Waves continue to be a guiding source of inspiration towards the development of Dock to Dish.

Amagansett Sea Salt

Our friends at Amagansett Sea Salt produce a premium finishing salt which is sourced from the ocean near Montauk by local artisans.  They are well-known for their strict adherence to a unique and entirely handmade, solar-evaporated and additive-free salt making practices and philosophy.  Highly regarded for its crisp, briny flavor and soft crunch it is now being proudly served in the finest restauraunts and available in a variety of forms, sizes and flavors at:

The FeedFeed

Dan and Julie Resnick, founders of The FeedFeed, have been dedicated supporters of Dock to Dish since our earliest days; helping people find and share cooking inspiration with our members. To join in, simply post images of your Dock to Dish culinary creations  (with short descriptions and the name of the fisherman or vessel of origin) and share on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — just make sure to add the hashtags #feedfeed and #docktodish to your description.


Dock to Dish is a proud partner of KOLOSSAL, an ocean exploration and conservation non-profit based in Venice Beach, California that conducts high-profile and challenging expeditions to film exotic marine life, while campaigning to protect their habitats.  Their goal is to transform these rare creatures from being largely unknown animals to a symbol for the roughly 95% of the oceans yet to be explored.  Kolossal and Dock to Dish collaborate on creating ways to use their documentation to inspire excitement and push attention toward ocean preservation in a positive tone.

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

Dock to Dish is a proud partner of Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee. Jack’s Amagansett location was an original pick up location for our New York CSF members, and has kept our staff, members and local supporters supplied with encouragement, enthusiasm and the world’s most amazing organic, shade-grown, crop-to-cup coffee and delicious vegan baked goods since our earliest days. Learn more about this incredible operation:

The Food Business School

Dock to Dish works proudly under the mentorship of William Rosenzweig, Founding Dean of the Food Business School, and his esteemed network of colleagues at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)—the world’s leading not-for-profit food college—which is constantly broadening its commitment to education and food industry leadership. The Food Business School enables and empowers entrepreneurial leaders to design, deliver and lead transformative innovations that address the world’s most pressing food challenges—and its greatest business opportunities.