Season Schedule

To be added to our Restaurant Supported Fishery membership waiting list for the upcoming season in New York, Vancouver and Los Angeles please click here.

Memberships for the Dock to Dish Community Supported Fishery program in New York are now sold out for the 2017 season.
In previous seasons, our Montauk Community Supported Fishery Members had two great options to choose from when deciding on the length of their subscription season: 

  • Summer Season which ran successfully for fourteen (14) weeks, from June 7th through September 6th
  • The Full Season which ran successfully for twenty (20) weeks, from June 7th through October 18th   

For our New York City Restaurant Supported Fishery Members we were pleased to also offer both a full season and a half season option for 2015.

  • Half Season ran successfully for twelve (12) weeks, from May 1st through July 17th  
  • Full Season ran successfully for twenty seven (27) weeks, from May 1st through October 30th  

Our continued thanks go out to our original Founding Members for making our previous seasons such success stories. Over the course of these first few years, our weekly features of locally harvested sustainable seafood included a broad spectrum of local underutilized species, like sea robin and butterfish; and also covered a wide range of favorite selections from recently rebuilt mid-Atlantic stocks such as pole-caught bigeye tuna, black sea bass, swordfish, fluke, longfin squid, blackfish, bluefish, golden tilefish, sea scallop and striped bass (pictured below) all while in season. 

We very much look forward to having you on board next season at Dock to Dish, where we will be proudly serving you fishermen's fish.

Please Note:

It is important to bring your insulated canvas tote bag and the freezer blocks from your Starter Kit with you each week so your fillets can be maintained at temperatures under 40 degrees at all times.