Our mission is to provide current and future generations of Dock to Dish cooperative members with organized and reliable access to the freshest, healthiest and most sustainable wild seafood harvests — while leading the ongoing adaptation of coastal communities to climate change.

Headquartered in Montauk, New York, we work hard to actively engage seafood producers and consumers through a membership-based, supply-driven marketplace model, where local commercial fishers are incentivized to only harvest seafood that is rated abundant and sustainable by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.  By directly reconnecting our communities with the fishers who provide their seafood we are able to provide full accountability and transparency through an elimination of the industrialized 'chain-of-custody' for fish that historically existed between the dock and the dish.

Our innovative model has proven to be a win-win-win for the environment, the consumers and the commercial fishers—with our future generations designated as the most prominent beneficiaries. 


At Dock to Dish we are changing the nature of our seafood economy by pioneering fundamental yet drastic improvements to the outdated and perilous industrialized system of seafood sourcing and distribution that is currently in place throughout the United States. By demonstrating that a supply-driven membership model can flourish in numerous regional markets, we are creating a blueprint to be replicated internationally while revitalizing the commercial fishing ports of Montauk, Santa Barbara and Vancouver. By comparison:

5475 miles = average distance that seafood consumed in the United States has traveled from fisherman to plate*.
71.2 miles = average distance that seafood consumed by Dock to Dish members has traveled from dock to dish.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA, 2015): "The U.S. imports up to 90 percent of its seafood, about half of which is aquaculture."

Starting with this dramatic reduction of 'food miles' and softened carbon footprint, the Dock to Dish system of local seafood sourcing and distribution is based on a broad spectrum of environmental best management practices for fisheries sustainability, and is concurrently focused on increasing public access to the safest, freshest North American seafood and the advocacy of good health through holistic nutrition. We firmly believe that our work is critical to realigning our nation’s food system, improving community health and elevating pay for commercial fishing families while ensuring the long term sustainability of our seas and protecting working waterfronts.

[Graphic courtesy of The Future of Fish]

Because of our comprehensive ecosystem-based management approach, we are proud to have been named a Featured Supplier of sustainable seafood by FishChoice in December 2013. This internationally recognized organization uses up-to-date sustainability ratings and certification information on wild fisheries that utilize environmentally responsible fishing methods.  To ensure rating accuracy of their featured suppliers, FishChoice targets and analyzes the entire U.S. and Canadian seafood supply chain, and has partnered with only the most respected organizations that have science-based, credible sustainable seafood programs, including:    

  • Seafood Watch
  • SeaChoice
  • Ocean Wise
  • Blue Ocean Institute
  • NOAA Fisheries' FishWatch
  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • Food Alliance Certification

We believe that sustainable seafood is a simple concept: collaboratively managing our resources so that there will be abundant fish in the sea in ten, thirty or one hundred years. But genuine sustainability is often an elusive goal, and truly achieving it can be like hitting a moving target from a moving target. Sustainability exists on a sliding scale spread across multiple criteria: fishing method, the size/location/species of fish, distance to market, packaging materials. There is no shortage of ways to measure sustainability. We recognize that the challenge is to identify where we can play the most effective and balanced role through supporting our fishing partners, sharing their harvest with our members and educating ourselves and the community on ways to best preserve our ecosystems.

We are constantly striving to improve and expand the Dock to Dish model of sustainability so that we can assure our members, our producers and the community that we are genuinely producing the least environmental impact possible—while providing superior seafood for our friends and neighbors.

We always appreciate your thoughts and ideas, please email them to us at