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Dock to Dish works with New York’s top chefs to deliver the freshest fish on earth to our customers with product sourced exclusively from the waters off Montauk, New York. As an organization, we go to incredible lengths to source more than 50 rare local and sustainable species of fish and crustacea. Each fish caught by our fleet is immediately brined and bled and delivered to restaurants in record time upon hitting the dock, offering unparalleled freshness and quality in the process.

Applying our foundational CSA-inspired model, we offer restaurants weekly allocations of whole fish and shellfish that reflect availability and seasonality in Montauk. The whole fish model allows chefs access to a fresher product and provides the opportunity for whole fish utilization by maximizing the “nose to tail” potential within seafood products.

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of New York City’s and Long Island’s most well-respected restaurants, including Blue Hill, Per Se, Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern, Oceana, Frenchette, and M. Wells. 

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How Dock to Dish Works

Dock to Dish features a 52-week Restaurant Supported Fishery model.

Restaurants opt in to receive recurring weekly orders of whole fish at 50lb, 100lb, or 200lb increments.

All fish is sold whole at a flat rate of $9.95/lb.

Weekly orders are based on a “get what you get” CSA-style model that factors in weather, availability and seasonality.

Chefs are notified about the species they’ll be receiving 48 hours ahead of delivery.

Fish is delivered on Tuesdays to restaurants.


Applying Japanese fishing methods, all fish are immediately bled and brined after harvest. Upon hitting the dock, fish are then delivered to restaurants in record time. The end result is an exclusive one of a kind product only offered by Dock to Dish.


Seafood is the missing piece of the puzzle in the Farm to Table movement. While sourcing vegetables, dairy, and animal proteins locally is easily achieved, seafood is often difficult and sometimes impossible. Our response is simple: we’re waging war against branzino & chilean sea bass, replacing untraceable overseas products with higher quality and more sustainable local fish.


Dock to Dish is owned and operated by Montauk fishermen and chefs. Local fishing industries like ours are struggling more than ever. Concern is growing about whether there will be another generation to fish local waters due to economic and environmental challenges. Dock to Dish tackles these concerns head on by paying the fleet a better wage, targeting more sustainable fish, and lowering the industry’s carbon footprint.


Through QR codes, Dock to Dish is able to share with chefs and diners where their fish was landed, who caught their fish, and weather conditions on the day of the catch, offering diners an immersive and unique experience found nowhere else.

Dock to Dish offers access to more than 60 local sustainable species of fish and shellfish, many of which are impossible to find anywhere else. 100% of our fish are caught off the waters of Montauk, NY. Please find our full product list here.

Common Winter/Yearound Species:

Black Sea Bass

Common Spring Species:


Common Summer Species:


Common Fall Species:​

Striped Bass

Common Shellfish Species:

Top Neck Clams
Littleneck Clams
Razor Clams
Sea Scallops
Jonah Crab
Blue Claw Crab

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